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    • Mowing (includes trimming around all plant material, trees, fence line, vertical trimming along all hard surfaces such as concrete or stone) and blowing off all hard surfaces and blowing out any grass from landscape beds that may have gotten in during the mowing process.
    • All of our mowing employees work on a $250/month per person bonus system. This motivates them to take more pride than our competitors during each mowing as they are rewarded for a good job. Should a customer raise an issue with a particular aspect of mowing, the bonus could be reduced if warrantied. Very rarely are the bonuses reduced, as our guys routinely exceed the customers expectations. This allows our customers to sit as ease and trust that each week they are receiving the best service possible.

    Our 6-step program includes the following:

    1. Early Spring – Granular pre-emergent with fertilizer, heavy nitrogen feed with crabgrass preventer.
    2. Late Spring – Liquid application to further prevent crabgrass and foxtail, along with a broadleaf weed control spray.
    3. Early Summer – Granular fertilizer with weed control to help maintain a dark and rich lawn.
    4. Grub Control – A season long control to stop and prevent grub activity.
    5. Late Summer – Granular broadleaf weed control with spot spraying for any existing weeds.
    6. Late Fall – This is our winterizer application that contains a heavy granular feeding of fertilizer that helps to promote horizontal growth and early green up for the following spring.

Landscape Design, Install and Maintenance
    • We will meet with the customer first to understand their needs and desire form our services. We will then work to design a plan that meets their expectations while staying within their budget.
    • There is never a charge to design a landscape plan or meet with the customer.
    • We offer routine landscape and bed maintenance / trimming on an as needed request basis or on a pre-scheduled annual/ bi-annual or semi-annual basis for your convenience.
    • We are happy to install mulch as necessary with a variety of color and product options.
Patios and Outdoor Kitchens
    • From simple to elegant, we offer all levels of outdoor environments. Call today for a free consult.
    • We offer complete install of new systems and all necessary maintenance and repairs. We also offer spring turn on and fall blow out services.
Lawn Renovation
    • Aerating, Verticutting, and Overseeding
Outdoor and Holiday Lighting
    • We offer an array of options to bring beauty to the night within your landscape. Options vary but we will work with you to provide you will the nightlight you desire and within a budget that works for you.
    • Spruce up you house with holiday lighting – Services start at $300 ( includes labor to install and take down) – Materials are extra generally running between $100-$200 and are a one time cost.
    • Lights are generally stored with the customer but Silver Leaf can store them until the following fall for an additional charge.